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The Best Mortgage Advice in Manchester - 100% Free

First things first, let us make one thing crystal clear - our advice is 100%. Completely, free of charge. No sneaky fees, no obligations. We're brought to you by...well, us.

So whilst the other mortgage companies in Manchester may try to nudge you towards their preferred lenders, we get to offer a completely unbiased view. We'll scour the entire market from big banks to niche building societies to uncover the perfect mortgage for your unique situation.

trusted mortgage company in Manchester

Mortgages for Every Need in Manchester

Speaking of unique situations, we reckon there are few places as wonderfully diverse as our beloved Manchester when it comes to mortgages. Maybe you're:

• A first-time buyer, finally escaping the rent trap

• A homeowner looking to remortgage and save some cash 

• A landlord seeking finance for your next investment purchase

• Or maybe you're after a specialist buy-to-let or self-employed mortgage

Whatever the scenario, we've got you covered here at Identityfs. Our advisors are true mortgage naturals who have seen and sorted it all. 

We speak to loads of clients who felt baffled or intimidated when first exploring mortgages alone. Understandable really, given how complex it can all seem!

That's exactly why we started Identityfs in the first place - to stop hard-working Manchester folk from getting ripped off or stressed out. Our auditors dish out clear, easy-to-follow advice until you feel 100% confident.

Now, you know what they say - the trademark of real expertise is making something complex seem simple. That's the Identityfs way in a nutshell!

Collectively, our team has decades of local mortgage experience under our belts. We've helped thousands of Manchester clients get their dream homes and investments over the years.

That invaluable knowledge means we can advise on so much more than just mortgages. Thinking of buying in a particular area? We'll give you the inside scope of that neighbourhood. Worried about the true costs of homeownership? We'll go through everything bills, insurance, solicitor fees and all.

Our goal is simple - to be the trusted mortgage company in Manchester for folks like you from our very first chat. We'll happily take all the hassle off your plate, so you can sit back and focus on celebrating your new home or investment.

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