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Looking to secure a Buy-To-Let mortgage as a portfolio landlord?

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  • No portfolio size limits

  • No minimum income**

  • Limited Company

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“*Although most lenders will require you to have an income of £25,000 or more before they will accept you for a mortgage, there are plenty of lenders for which this isn’t the case.

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We work with over 100 lenders, from high street banks to specialist lenders. So we are able to find lenders and products for those quirky requests

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Your adviser can search through 10,000+ products in minutes and process your application, saving you time!

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We do the leg work. After our chat, you can then sit back! We take care of the mortgage process from application to completion. 

Buy-to-Let Mortgages for Portfolio Landlords

Buy to Let mortgages are for people who are purchasing property as an investment to rent it out and profit from the rental income. Most Buy-To-Let mortgages are interest-only, meaning that you only pay off the interest of the mortgage rather than the amount owed (also known as the capital). The full mortgage is then paid off at the end of the mortgage term. If you opt to go for an interest-only mortgage. Then you will be required to have a ‘repayment vehicle’ in place. It’s your responsibility to have this plan in place when you take out an interest-only mortgage and it will have to be approved by the lender.

What is a portfolio landlord?

A portfolio landlord is a landlord that owns four or more mortgaged properties, either through a limited company or on a private basis. It’s important to note that unencumbered properties (no mortgage) do not count, so if for example a landlord had six rental properties, four that were owned outright and two that had a Buy-To-Let mortgage, the landlord would NOT be a portfolio landlord.  Whereas a landlord with four rental properties, all with a Buy-To-Let mortgage, would be classed as a portfolio landlord.

Portfolio Landlord Mortgages

For landlords with larger portfolios. There are some lenders that do specially designed portfolio mortgages which enables a landlord to group all of their investment properties together, under one single loan. This means the landlord will only need to pay one monthly repayment instead of multiple payments. Having a portfolio mortgage has the potential to be cheaper overall due to the fee structure. However eligibility may be subject to individual lender criteria and underwriting– speak to us to find out more!

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of Buy to Lets.
Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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