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Life cover

This is an insurance policy that pays out a lump sum in the event of death. It is important if you have or are planning on having a family, or if you own your own a property and would want the mortgage paid off in the event of your death, so you are able to leave the property to a loved one.

What will Life cover cost me?

The cost of your life cover will depend on the age you are when applying, your current health, your job, so if you are a deep sea diver your premiums would be more expensive than someone who sits behind a desk. In general, the younger you are when taking out life cover the cheaper it is, as your premiums do not increase with age. However, the older you are the more expensive the premiums will be.

If you wanted life cover only to cover your mortgage, you can arrange life cover policies that will decrease along with your mortgage amount. These policies can also be cheaper in premium because the amount of cover you require decreases as the years go by. You would be surprised how little life cover can start from.

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