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Income Protection


Income protection is an insurance policy that would pay you a monthly income while you were unable to work due to an accident or sickness. You can set up the policy so it varies in the amount it pays out, usually, this amount cannot exceed 65% of your gross monthly income. You can also set it up so it only pays out once your work sick pay has finished. This is called deferred period.

Income protection do I need it? 

If you owned a machine that paid you a salary every month, would you insure that? Probably, and that machine is you.

If you were unable to work, and your sick pay ran out, would you afford to pay the mortgage and other household bills? The last thing you need while unable to work is the additional worry of keeping on top of your bills, especially your mortgage.

What does income protection cost? Income protection policies can vary in price. It depends on the age you are, your health, type of job you do and the amount of cover you need. We can help you with getting a quotation, simply contact us and we can run through the details.


It could happen to anyone... It could happen to you 


How do you protect your home?

Your home is your biggest asset and it is important we provide you with advice to ensure you can meet mortgage payments if there are any difficult circumstances. Below is a summary of helpful products we can advise on: