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Help is at hand for energy bills

Help is at hand for energy bills

Help is at hand for energy bills

No one has been immune to the unwelcome increases in the cost of energy over the past year – with gas price increases of 129.4% and electricity going up by 66.7%, according to the Office of National Statistics1.

However, there may be some light on the horizon, with forecasts that energy bills are expected to fall by nearly £450 from July as the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee takes effect2.

Despite this, the high energy prices can cause significant challenges for the average household, so we have gathered together some advice and guidance which may provide further assistance to help save money on energy bill:

  1. Check if you are eligible for any government grants or schemes to help you pay for your energy bills

  1. Take regular meter readings, or get a smart meter

  1. Contact your energy supplier to see how they can help

  1. Make your home more energy efficient

  1. Talk to someone for advice

As ever, facing the issue as soon as possible rather than ignoring the problem has to be the best course of action. As demonstrated, there are resources available to everyone but there is no substitute for immediate action.

* Source: Office for National Statistics


  1. Office of National Statistics (2023) Cost of living insights: Energy. Available at: (Accessed 22nd May 2023)

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