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Getting ready to remortgage

To plan ahead, contact a broker 6 months before your current product expires

Getting ready to remortgage

Contact a broker 6 months before your current product expires, to plan ahead.

It pays to shop around to get the best value – whether it’s saving money when finding a new broadband deal, changing to a cheaper energy provider or reducing the premium on your car insurance.

Mortgages are just the same – if your initial fixed term period is coming to an end, or you’re looking to release a sum of money for a big project, then it’s worth getting prepared upfront for a remortgage.

We’ll help you find the right deal for you, and to help kickstart, here’s a few handy tips on how you can get the process going:

  • Seek expert assistance – contact us today for bespoke, independent, expert advice. We’ll listen to your needs, guide you through the process and recommend only the most suitable remortgage deals to allow you to save money and fulfil your dreams.

  • Your current Mortgage - check how much you currently owe on your existing mortgage, you can either do this yourself using the documentation supplied by your lender, or we would be able to help you with this as part of the advice we give.

  • Plan your finances – just as for applying for your first mortgage, it pays to make sure your finances are truly in order. Check your credit score, don’t apply for any new credit, avoid any large purchases, avoid any payday loans or overdrafts at all costs to boost your chances of quick acceptance for a remortgage.

  • Plan for the application – much as for your first mortgage, the remortgage process normally requires presentation of a range of documents to prove income and identity, so it is wise to have your documentation in order and ready for when your mortgage adviser or lender requests, to allow your application to proceed without delay.

  • Self-employed applicants are required to provide additional proof of income, with up to three years history. The ability to show future workload and incoming revenue stream will aid your application, alongside a good credit score.  There are lenders that will take 1 year, self-employment, Fixed contractors, day rate contractors and every other form of self-employment. Speaking to a broker we can help you to navigate lending criteria and find the right lender for you, based on you personal circumstances. Every self-employed person has a different situation


Given all the different information lenders ask for prior to submitting an application. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from a qualified professional mortgage adviser before proceeding.

We will listen to your circumstances and make considered recommendations on the type of mortgage that may be most applicable to your circumstances. We also have access to the whole-of-market so can find the best deal in the market for your circumstances. Whether that is to do a product transfer or move to another lender. We will review the situation and provide you with the facts so you are able to make an informed decision.

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There may be a fee for mortgage advice.

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