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First Mortgage? Guidance from Your Mortgage Advisory Team

We aim to provide guidance each step of the way - from getting pre-approved to sorting out financing to closing day! Rely on us so the journey proves exciting rather than daunting.

First Mortgage? Guidance from Your Mortgage Advisory Team

Getting Pre-Approved with Your Advisor

Obtaining lender pre-approval is an essential starting point we guide new buyers through.  Pre-approval letters estimate your qualified borrowing amount based on financial profile analysis - income, existing debts, credit, and available down payment funds.

Why get pre-approved? Key advantages include:

• Home Shopping Confidence – Approval in hand grants certainty to start viewing and avoid disappointment 

• Competitive Offer Leverage – Secured financing packs more offer power, especially amidst bidding wars

• Faster Eventual Approval – Verification and documentation is established upfront to streamline full underwriting 

Down Payment Recommendations  

Clients often ask what down payment they should save for their first mortgage in Manchester. The good news? Far more flexibility now exists thanks to advisors guiding buyers toward low-down payment mortgage products.

Steps After Finding Your Home

Once you’ve found that perfect Manchester property, follow these key steps with our advisory support: 

1. Craft Your Offer – Provide guidance tailoring competitive offers to specific homes accounting for demand, timing, etc based on extensive Manchester sale experience 

2. Review the Sale Terms – Analyze returned signed seller agreements before clients provide signatures to ensure favourable terms are secured  

3. Swiftly Match Financing Options – With client-approved terms in hand, rapidly source ideal mortgage products from our lender panel 

4. Supply Needed Documentation – Provide required income, asset & identification documents to submit loan application and supplement as needed throughout underwriting 

5. Manage Approval & Closing – Continual lender guidance handling any questions/exceptions to ensure smooth approval and ideal closing timeline attainment 

Leaning on Local Market Expertise

While online searches yield initial insights, nuanced Manchester perspectives significantly impact mortgage outcomes. As licensed advisors immersed locally, we provide: 

• Area-specific Loan Guidance – Tailor product matching around neighbourhood profiles considering demand shifts, strategic timing, valuation trends, etc.  

• Price Point Navigation – Assist first buyers across the full spectrum - apartments to houses, new builds to resales, leveraging price point mortgage insights 

• Scheme Optimisation – Maximise participation for clients in localised first-time buyer incentives available only to Manchester residents 

Make your homeownership dreams a reality! Reach out to initiate your personalised first mortgage in Manchester journey - whether just starting preparations or set to shop listings. We can’t wait to help first-time buyers.

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