We’ll guide you through the mortgage maze

There are many reasons to remortgage. Maybe you’ve come to the end of a fixed rate mortgage period, or you wish to release some money from your property for a DIY project. Maybe you’d like to consolidate other debts into one payment or your credit standing has improved over time, so you may be entitled to a better rate of interest. Remortgaging may even save you a fortune!

This is where our professional advisory service can help you. There are so many mortgage options out there that deciding what you want is like ordering a coffee nowadays – a series of choices that blow your mind, when all you want is a cup of coffee!

Did you know? If your mortgage is due to expire in the next 6 months. You can look at deals now, in order to take advantage of the current low rates. This will then be held, until your current deal expires. If rates go up then you have a low rate locked out. If they reduce further, you can move. So it’s a win, win, situation. Surely not one to be missed. What have you lose or maybe save!?